Elmhurst BOD Meeting August 26, 2019
Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.
Pledge of allegiance and roll call taken.  All board members present except for Mike Cummings.
A motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting was made by T Halinan and 2nd by T Hopkins.
Treasurer Report - Mike Brozzetti – See balance sheet report for July 2019  
.Membership Report – Mike Cummings   - T Dempsey present membership report
The current membership is 329 senior members.  See monthly membership report for more information. The BOD talked about getting a membership special started in the next few months.  BOD would like to put a committee together to get ideas for advertising and putting a special together.
  A motion to accept the membership count was made by L Paciotti and 2nd by M Brozzetti,
Course and Grounds – Lou Paciotti/ Jack Sohns                              
 BOD will be looking into the costs of fixing the drainage issues on the driving range.
   Supt. Lanza gave an update on the course conditions. The back tee box on #2 is completed.
   The forward tee box on #6 has been re-sodded and is open.
   He will prep the course for the club championship during the week of Aug.
   Fall projects: drill & fill will be Oct. 15 . All sod replacement will be done after closing day
    Jim said he plans to do some tree removal on the left side of #4 tee box to get some sun on the tee box.  The pump house problems are continuing with constant shutdowns. Electricians have tried to fix the problem, but the equipment is just too old (35 yrs.).
   As per ECC by laws Jim will be getting three estimates from contractors and will be presenting the options at the Nov. member meeting.

Entertainment – Mike Cummings
Anniversary Party  - The price per person for our 90th anniversary party has been reduced to $50. Drinks will be 2 for the price of 1. We have received approx. $1900 from our venders to go toward our party.

Carts and Grievances:  Dan Bracey
Jim Lanza has blocked the "shortcut" to #10 back tee box. Some front end damage has occurred on some carts and he feels this area may be where the damage is coming from.
  On 8-14-2019 the ECC grievance met with a member. The grievance committee consists of ECC members; Andy Heller, Chris Evans, ECC board members Tim Hopkins, Dan Bracey and club Mgr. Tom Ehnot.   This member did not agree with the BODs recommendation and he met with the grievance committee. He presented his recollection of the event.
A two week suspension was recommended by the grievance committee. This member did not agree with the suspension and appealed the suspension. As per ECC by laws, this member has the right to appear before the BODs next meeting and was informed of the date and time. He did not appear at the Aug. BOD meeting. The  grievance committee  recommended a two week suspension STARTING 8-28-19 TO 9-10-19.

Club House- Jack Sohns and Tom Ehnot
   Martha Dougher sent a letter to the BOD asking for $500 for foyer improvements. The BOD feels that at this time due to our current financial state, we cannot approve this request. A motion to deny this request was made by J Sohns 2nd T Hallinan.  

Golf – Doug Nardella
Complaints  received from members about the placement of the gold tees during the senior championship tournament  this year were addressed.  The BOD wants the golf committee  to leave the gold tees where they usually are for next year’s tournament.
The BOD approved a $25 per week raise for asst. pro Carl Puglessi for passing his PAT exam. Motion was made by T Hallinan 2nd D Nardella
Kitchen/Bar - Tom Hallinan & Tom Ehnot
   Mr Ehnot said that since the course will be closed for aeration on sept. 4, the restaurant will also be closed.  Chef Mario Leo’s return to work should be towards the end of October.

By-Laws – Doug Nardella       no issues

Long Range Plan – Dan Bracey
Update on tree removal. We are still waiting on contracts from forester Bill Nasser to begin harvesting       We will reach out to him to see what the problem is.

Employee Relations – Tim Hopkins no issues

Public Relations – Louis Paciotti – no report

Old / New Business
Effective September  1,  2019 ECC Pres. Tim Dempsey is stepping down as board president. Mr. Dempsey has eligibility to go honorary status and has chosen to do so.
 As per ECC by laws, Mr. Dempsey can no longer serve on the BOD. Vice president,  Lou Paciotti will serve as president until the Nov. elections.
  Don Manley will serve on the board until the Nov. elections. Mr. Manley will be notified of his selection.

The next BOD meeting will be Monday, September 23, 2019 @ 6:00 pm @ECC.
A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by T Hopkins 2nd by T. Hallinan.
Meeting ended at 7:59 pm

Dan Bracey
ECC BOD Secretary