Elmhurst BOD Meeting February 28, 2019
Attendance – All board members present, also present were Tom Ehnot and Jim Lanza
Meeting called to order by Tim Dempsey at 6:00 pm pledge of allegiance and roll call were taken at this time,
A motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting was made by Doug Nardella  2nd by Jack Sohns.

Treasurer Report - Mike Brozetti – See balance sheet report for January.
Mike handed out the projected budget for 2019. He stated that with the present financial state of the club, more revenue will be needed to keep the club financially sound. A dues increase or a COLA proposition was talked about and will be brought up at the spring meeting .The BOD will continue to seek ways to help with the clubs finances.

Membership ReportMike Cummings
 The current membership is 320 senior with 16 new member applications.  All 16 candidates were accepted by the board. A motion to accept the membership numbers was made by Tim Hopkins 2nd by Jack Sohns. 
A membership issue arose when a letter was sent to the BOD concerning the membership application of Mark Balcerzak. The letter was sent to the board by member J. T. Coyne. After reading the letter the BOD decided to have Mr. Balcerzak come before the board to explain his side of the allegations. After meeting with Mr Balcerzak it is the boards contention that when Mr Balcerzak left the club, he left in good standing, he has no outstanding debt with the club, and the accusations made towards him have no bearing on ECC. BOD voted to accept Mr Balcerzak to the club 1 yr. after the original application as per ECC by-law. 

Dan Bracey reported there were no member grievances this month.

Course and Grounds – Lou Paciotti
Superintendent Jim Lanza gave the board an update on the course. Tom Ehnot reported he is getting estimates on repairing the cart barn. Also he is getting a contractor to come in and see what can be done about the leaks in the men’s locker room.

Entertainment – Mike Cummings
Mike stated that a fall dinner dance is being planned in celebration of ECC‘s 90th anniversary .

Dan Bracey had no report on carts.

Club House  Jack Sohns and Tom Ehnot
Tom Ehnot said he was able to have a plumber make repairs to the hot water heaters for the men showers so we will be keeping the old ones for the time being.
Golf – Doug Nardella
The golf committee will hand out an information packet with new golf rule changes. It will be handed out at the spring meeting. The pro shop has upgraded its golf genious app.
On March 30th there will be rules of golf seminar at the club. Also GAP will be looking for volunteers.

Kitchen/Bar - Tom Hallinan & Tom Ehnot
A new dress code suggestion was brought to the board. After discussion about the hopes of attracting more members to the club and in turn getting more revenue , it was decided to allow dress jean in the club house (NOT ON THE COURSE).  We will give it a 1yr trial period. A motion was made by Tom Hallinan 2nd by Doug Nardella. Motion was passed
By-Laws – Doug Nardella
3 by law changes will be presented to the membership at the spring meeting. After much research Doug and Matt Dempsey came up with the proper language to make a by-law change to a wife classification to include widow, divorce, or disability.
Change the language on the amount of times a guest can play golf and leave the amount of times to the discretion of the club pro.
See if members will agree to a COLA with a $300 dues cap.
 Long Range Plan – Dan Bracey
Looking for membership ideas for the future

Employee Relations – Tim Hopkins
Management met with employees, handed out employee handbooks and talked about proper conduct with members and other employees, cell phone use , smoking , etc.
Tom Ehnot said he spoke to C-3 insurance co. to come up with a plan to lessen the skyrocketing insurance rates; they will get back to him,
Mike Cummings recused himself from this discussion.

Public Relations – Louis Paciotti
No report at this time

Old / New Business
BOD decided to keep the membership special going
The next BOD meeting will be Monday March 25 @ 6:00 at the club
A motion to adjourn was made by Tim Hopkins 2nd by TomHallinan
Meeting adjourned @8:30

Dan Bracey