Elmhurst BOD Meeting July 29, 2019
Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.
Pledge of allegiance and roll call taken.  All board members present except for Doug Nardella.
A motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting was made by J. Sohns and  2nd by T Hopkins.
Treasurer Report - Mike Brozzetti – See balance sheet report                                                                       
Membership Report – Mike Cummings   
The current membership is 331 senior members.  See monthly membership report for more information.
  A motion to accept the membership count was made by M Cummings and 2nd by M Brozzetti .        
A request for a leave of absence for Mark Balcerzak was denied by the BOD.  The reason being the member does not have enough time in to ask for a leave.  A motion was made by M Cummings and 2nd by L. Pacciotti.  
Course and Grounds – Lou Paciotti/ Jack Sohns                                                                                                                                                                                                                Course update – Superintendent Jim Lanza gave an update on the course conditions.  He is having some electrical issues with the pump house which is over 30 years old.  He estimates it will cost between $130,000 and $140,000 to replace.  Jim will see if he can make some small repairs in the meantime.  He is also dealing with repairs to the irrigation breaks.
b.  Drill and fill will be done the week of October 15, 2019.  Approximately 7 to 9 greens will be done at this time. 
c.  Aerification of the greens will be September 4, 2019. 
Entertainment – Mike Cummings
Mike has obtained a list of ECC vendors and will be in touch with them for donations for our anniversary party.

Carts and Grievances – Dan Bracey
President Dempsey responded to a letter sent to him by member Dan Volpe concerning the cancellation of a tournament.  Mr. Dempsey explained in an email to Mr. Volpe who has the authority to cancel and reschedule tournaments.  The letter was shared with the BOD.
An incident that occurred during the 3 day tournament was brought to the attention of the BOD.  Due to the fact that this is the second incident involving this member, the BOD recommended a two week suspension from ECC.  Upon receiving his letter, this member will have seven (7) days to respond.  Members of the grievance committee are:  Dan Bracey, Tim Hopkins, Andy Heller, Chris Evans and Tom Ehnot. 

Club House- Jack Sohns and Tom Ehnot
  1.  The golf bag racks in the bag room are in need of repair.  The cost is minimal and will be done at the end of the golf season. 
  2. We have put out requests for a railing for the patio extension.  To date, one estimate has been returned for a cost of $4,400. 
Golf – Doug Nardella
  1.  Club pro, Brian Fruehan, reported that everything went well with the three day tournament.  He stated next year the championship flight will be a medal play format. 
  2. The golf committee will be having a fall league starting Tuesday, September 9, 2019.  The league will be 6 weeks long.
  3. Brian stated that the senior member championship will be played with modified gold tees.
 Kitchen/Bar - Tom Hallinan & Tom Ehnot
Tom Ehnot reported that the restaurant did well with the 3 day tournament. 
By-Laws – Doug Nardella       no report

 Long Range Plan – Dan Bracey
An update on logging our wooded area continues.  Bill Nasser who consults on timbering issues has agreed review our forested areas.  A motion to use Mr. Nasser’s services was made by Tom Hallinan and 2nd by Mike Cummings.  Dan Bracey voted NO.  Motion was passed.  Dan Bracey will set up a meeting with Mr. Nasser in the near future and will check with club solicitor to create a contract for easement of right of way on Steinmetz property. 

Employee Relations – Tim Hopkins
No report

Public Relations – Louis Paciotti
No report

Old / New Business
  1.  Member Frank Goryl attended part of the board meeting to ask if a provisional member could play as a partner in the 3 day member/guest tournament.  He was told no.  The tournament is for guests only.  Mr. Goryl also asked how to get a by law changed. 
  2. Mike Cummings stated that  the 3 day tournament was  a great success and the grounds crew did an outstanding job with the course.  Given that, Mr. Cummings suggested that a $1,000.00 bonus be given to Jim Lanza to be distributed as a thank you for a job well done to the grounds crew.  The $1,000.00 will be taken from the raffle fund. Motion to accept was made by Mike Cummings and 2nd by Lou Pacciotti.
The next BOD meeting will be Monday, August 26, 2019  @ 6:00 pm @ECC.
A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by T Hopkins and 2nd by Mike Cummings.
Meeting ended at 8:25 pm.

Dan Bracey