ECC monthly BOD meeting
Monday June 24, 2019

 Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm
 Pledge of Allegiance / roll call taken. All members present except Tim Hopkins
 A motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting was made by Lou Paciotti/ 2nd by Dan

 Treasurer report - M Brozzetti - see balance sheet report for May

hip - M Cummings -our current Sr.membership is at 333
We have received two applications for Sr. membership and two
requests for leaves of absence. See membership report for more detailed numbers. A motion to
accept the membership report was made by J Sohns/ 2nd by L Paciotti

 Course and Grounds - L Paciotti / J Sohns
(a) supt.Jim Lanza gave an update on course conditions. Course is in good shape. He will
be looking into drainage work on #1 tee box .
(b) He will be getting prices on putting some type of guide rail for the cart path between # 11
and #12 .
Also we will get prices on painting the cart barns.

 Entertainment -M Cummings -Mike is getting in touch with our vendors to try and get
donations for our anniversary party.

 Carts and Grievances - D Bracey -A member who won 2 months free carts asked if one
month could be changed from another month. We will discuss this matter further.

Clubhouse - J Sohns / T Ehnot
Jack stated that some shingles on the roof near the practice green have
been re-nailed and the flashing around the chimney was checked . Hopefully this will fix the
ceiling leak in the upper sand trap.

 Golf - D Nardella -
(a) Club pro Brian Fruehan reviewed plans for the upcoming 3-day tournament .
(b) Due to the average age of our membership , it was discussed that maybe we will
raise the under age to 65 for our over / under tournament

 Kitchen / Bar -T Hallinan /T Ehnot
Tom said plans are being made to have a fish special on wed. for July and August .

 By-laws - D Nardella - no issues

 Long range planning - D Bracey
(a) It has been determined that the area where we want to timber is zoned as recreational .
The club solicitor is checking to see if we can still timber the land under that zoning.
(b) We have made plans to meet with K and Q logging to get an idea of what kind of money
the club can make by timbering our forested areas. A meeting is scheduled for 7-2-19
(c) The land assessment from Nasser is ongoing

Employee relations - T Hopkins -no report

 Public relations -L Paciotti - no report

Old/New business -
(a) New patio addition - the patio floor has been poured and the stamped concrete
matches the existing concrete . Installation of a railing that will not obscure the
view was also discussed.
(b) The type of furniture and a budgeted amount for the furniture was also discussed.
The next BOD meeting will meet Mon. July 29 2019 @ 6:00 pm @ECC

A motion to adjourn was made by D Nardella 2nd by T Hallinan
Meeting ended at 8:20 pm