Elmhurst BOD Meeting May 25, 2019
Meeting called to order at 5:55 pm.
The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and roll call taken. All board members were present except Tom Hallinan . Club member Frank Goryl was an observer at the board meeting.
A motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting was made by T. Hopkins and 2nd by M Cummings.                                                                                                                                 
Treasurer Report - Mike Brozzetti – See balance sheet report for April   
Membership Report – Mike Cummings   
The membership for April 2019 is 334 senior members. See membership report for new member applications.
  A motion to accept the membership count was made by T. Hopkins and 2nd by J. Sohns
  1. As of May 25 ,2019 the board accepted the return of Mark Burger to senior  member  status . Back dues have been paid as per ECC by laws. A motion to accept was made by M. Cummings and 2nd by L. Paciotti                                        
Dan Bracey reported there were no issues this month.

Course and Grounds – Lou Paciotti/ Jack Sohns                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Course update - Jim Lanza gave a report on the course conditions.
Fairways and greens in good shape, however there have been 30 breaks to date in the watering system. The present system we have was installed in 1982. The latest estimate to replace the watering system is $1.5 million including the sand traps, and $1.3 million excluding the traps.
Mr. Lanza estimated that there would be a 50% savings in labor costs with a new system.

Ladies tees - Currently the red tees are designated for women over 65 years of age .The board thinks maybe make the red tees to a player’s ability instead. We will discuss this item further.
Entertainment – Mike Cummings
Anniversary Party will be held Sat. Sept. 7, 2019 . Mike is planning on sending letters to our venders to see if we can get donations to sponsor our party and help offset our costs.

Carts – Dan Bracey
No issues

Club House- Jack Sohns and Tom Ehnot
Still working on locating where roof is leaking over the men’s locker room. The infrared study did not find any wet insulation which is a positive but cannot find where the leak is originating.
A small leak at the chimney in the upper sand trap will be repaired. The flashing on the outside has to be tarred.
Patio extension:  work will start Mon. June 3rd on the patio extension outside the lower sand trap. It is expected to be done by the end of June.

Golf – Doug Nardella
  (a) tournament withdrawal: recently a member withdrew from the Holland at the last minute and gave no reason for doing so. This behavior cannot be tolerated. The member will be sent a letter and will not be allowed to play in the Holland next year. A 2nd infraction will result in a 1 yr. suspension from all tournaments at ECC.
  (b)Reciprocals with Scranton Country Club: We will do limited reciprocals with Scranton Club.
         The board decided due to past incidents we will not do reciprocals with Paupack Hills Country Club 

Kitchen/Bar - Tom Hallinan & Tom Ehnot
T. Ehnot said that a June special on Wednesday’s will be peel and eat shrimp and clams.                                                                                            
By-Laws – Doug Nardella       no issues

 Long Range Plan – Dan Bracey

Realtor / land  :   Nasser will be out to appraise the E.C.C. property May 30th 2019

Employee relations:   T. Hopkins    no issues

Public Relations – Louis Paciotti
No issues

Old / New Business
  1.  A dues increase will not be needed this month. The board will wait and see how the financials for June produce.
  2. A motion was made to put a $300 fee for new memberships non-refundable, with a $150 credit the 1st yr. and $150 credit the 2nd yr.  A motion was made by T. Hopkins 2nd by J. Sohns
The next BOD meeting will be Mon. June 24th 2019 6:00 pm @ E.C.C.
A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by T. Hopkins 2nd J. Sohns.
Meeting ended at 7:25 pm

Dan Bracey