Elmhurst BOD Meeting September 23, 2019
Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.
Pledge of allegiance and roll call taken.  All board members present except for M Cummings and T Hopkins.
A motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting was made by J. Sohns and  2nd by M Brozzetti.
A motion to accept Tim Dempsey to honorary membership was made by J Sohns 2nd by T Hallianan, motion passed .                                                                                                                           
Treasurer Report - Mike Brozzetti – See balance sheet report for August
  1. BOD received the yearly audit  report  from Murphy Dougherty and Co. Report is on file
  2. Financing options for the irrigation system. M Brozetti will be conducting an informational meeting, scheduled for Oct. 1st, after the league rounds. Mike has been in touch with four area banks ; Wayne, Landmark, FNC and Fidelity, on getting finance options. Some payback possibilities are making a by-law change so that all classifications pay the same amount for capital improvements. There will also be payment options for the assessment fee if it  passes.                                                                    
 Membership Report – Mike Cummings
Mgr. Tom Ehnot gave the membership report in M Cummings absence.  
The current membership is 326  senior members.  See monthly membership report for more information
Three members are seeking a request for leave. Due to our current sr. membership count and by-laws, only one member is eligible.  The first member to apply was Fritz Velenches .  A motion to accept was made by J Sohns 2nd by T Hallinan .Next request was made by Al Hughes. A motion to delay a leave for Al was made until the BOD determines if Mr. Hughes has been a member long enough to qualify for a leave of absence. Motion  was made by T Hallinan 2nd by D Bracey.  Joe O Shea will not be eligible until the membership count goes above 325. A motion to accept the membership count was made by D Nardella 2nd by J Sohns.        
Course and Grounds – Lou Paciotti/ Jack Sohns                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Course update – Superintendent Jim Lanza gave an update on the course conditions.  He is going to realign #7 gold tee box, re contour 10 fairway.  Drill and fill will be Oct. 15th depending on weather.
The pump station is still failing
A motion to have Jim redo the drainage for the driving range in house for $14,000 was approved by the BOD. He will begin the project in the fall.  Motion was made by D Nardella 2nd M Brozzetti. Jim will be at the Oct. 1st meeting to let the membership know what the condition of the watering system is and tne estimates he has received
Entertainment – Mike Cummings
No report.

Carts and Grievances – Dan Bracey
No issues 

Club House- Jack Sohns and Tom Ehnot
Jack will look into making repairs to the doorjamb near the stag bar. 

Golf – Doug Nardella
Doug wrote a document for Elmhurst tournament formats and eligibility.  The BOD approved some of the changes.  Some of the changes are being age 75 to move to the green tees.  Some tournaments will allow sr. members who are age 55 and whose handicap add up to 75,  be eligible to play the gold tees.  These changes will be discussed further at the next BOD meeting
Kitchen/Bar - Tom Hallinan & Tom Ehnot
No issues 
By-Laws – Doug Nardella      
Doug will rewrite a by-law concerning change to honorary members monetary contributions to assessments for major projects.  BOD will revisit this issue at the next meeting.
 Long Range Plan – Dan Bracey
T Ehnot will contact Bill Nasser by phone to see where we are on the timber issue .  If no success we will seek a different logger.   

Employee Relations – Tim Hopkins
No report

Public Relations – Louis Paciotti
No report

Old / New Business
The BOD s solicitor’s recommendation to a member’s recent grievance against the BOD was tabled until the entire board can discuss this matter
The next BOD meeting will be Monday, Oct 28 @ 6:00 pm @ECC.
A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by T Hallinan 2nd by D Nardella
Meeting ended at 8:45 pm.

Dan Bracey